Fruitful & Endless Research & Development

Alpesailer undergoing water resistance tests

Our quest to innovate horology adds another fruitful year of rigorous testing through the harshest weather conditions, taking our watches snorkeling in various hot and humid tropical beaches around the Philippines, as well as hiking up the mountains of Hokkaido in Japan and Mt. Esja in Iceland. We couldn’t be happier with the results of our continuous effort to improve the overall durability and workmanship of our timepieces to be able to provide our clients with a more enjoyable and worry-free ownership experience for all seasons.

Along with the testing of our Originals models, we also started to finalize the testing ouf our long-awaited sports model, the KLO & Co Alpesailer. After running multiple real-world tests, including below-zero high altitude hiking, and open sea snorkeling, we are proud to say that we have created a timepiece that our customers will definitely look for--a reliable, everyday, luxury watch. With an exquisitely manufactured case using multiple finishing techniques, including mirror polishing, beveled edges, and circular brushing, a highly sophisticated case design is achieved that showcases the precision of our manufacture, without sacrificing ruggedness and durability.

To be able to wear our watches in the worst conditions known to man along with keeping the precision and art of creating a beautifully finished watch is our goal. We are on a never-ending journey of creating uniquely interesting and beautiful watches for our exacting customers so that they can enjoy their KLO & Co watches for generations to come.

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