Klo & Co Watchmaking


KLO & CO creates innovative timepieces that combine the use of excellently finished materials with the imaginative use of high quality, ultra precise movements. With these in mind we continuously pursue the dream of creating uniquely beautiful timepieces that our customers will enjoy for generations to come.


The History

After diligently studying the art of creating unique and precise timepieces, we carefully prepared our collection to satisfy the diverse tastes of our customers. Each component is thoughtfully designed to be able to attain the exacting standards that each watch deserves to have.

Sketches turned into rendered drawings, rendered drawings turned into actual samples, and here we are today, creating watches that we believe not only we would wear and appreciate, but to each one of our customers as well. We at KLO & CO believe that exceptional watch design should be accessible to all who appreciate it. Our watches express this belief through sophisticated design, remarkable quality, and outstanding overall value.

As watch enthusiasts, we know how frustrating it is to find an impressively built watch that you love, only to be restricted by high prices and other acquisition costs. Buying a watch should be easy and reasonable, with no compromise on quality.

At KLO & CO, we not only offer watches that exceed the highest standards of workmanship, finishing, and timeless design, we offer watches that we personally love. It is this dedication to our craft that ensures that each and every watch that comes out of our workshop has been continuously vetted and inspected to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Independent Watchmakers

Developing a new watch begins with an idea--an idea of an exceptionally beautiful watch that serves our customers interests and timekeeping needs. These ideas are then turned into sketches and designs that we continuously improve on until it is cleared for manufacturing. Our goal with watchmaking is to create sophisticated, thoughtful, timeless, high quality, and unique watch designs that provide a new spin on time for generations to come.

The production of our watches are handled by our expert team of professional watchmakers using cutting-edge machines and state-of-the-art equipment to be able to achieve only the finest quality timepieces. Each case, dial, hands, and other watch parts are meticulously and accurately created through industry standard lathing and CNC milling techniques. Significant quality control measures are placed in every step of the assembly process to ensure worry-free ownership which we back with our two-year warranty program.

Each and every KLO & CO watch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality and durability. Tests that simulate water resistance as well as wear and tear from normal to extreme conditions are also done as part of our rigorous quality control program. All these things are done to ensure each watch will provide a long worry-free ownership experience for many years to come

We never stop learning; we never stop improving our craft. This is why aside from learning the intricacies of watchmaking itself, we also learn from other watch brands that are setting the trail for boutique independent watchmakers like us. We are thankful for friends of KLO & CO who not only inspire us to pursue our passion for horology, but also quite literally push us forward.


The Founding Team

Kenn, a watch enthusiast through and through, it has always been a dream of him to be able to share his passion for the exceptional world of watches by creating his own. With an extensive entrepreneurship experience under his belt, he first dabbled with establishing cafés and other small businesses before finally following his heart and concentrating on watches. As the lead product designer, Kenn envisions the watches and makes them into reality through continuous planning and design. 


Bryan, a disciple of Kaizen, earned his apprenticeship as a product planner at a leading Japanese automobile manufacturing company before moving on to apply his knowledge in the family business. His watch tastes tends to gravitate toward tool watches with interesting stories than those that remain pristine and unworn. As the lead quality control officer, Bryan's eye for detail ensures that each watch is produced with utmost quality and care in mind.

Ralph has had extensive experience in manufacturing and design through his family business, offering their services to top fashion and retail house brands. A coffee aficionado, Ralph is the founder of Prominent Café where he honed his talents in providing excellent customer service. As the lead sales & marketing officer, Ralph shares what KLO & CO watches can offer to our growing community of customers and supporters.