Innovating Horology

Hands Placement

As watch enthusiasts, we only introduce watches that exceed our highest standards for quality and design. Developing a new watch takes years of hardwork, dedication, and layers upon layers of improvements until the final product is ripe for production. And that is our commitment--we only offer watches that went through this exacting long process of fine tuning our product into the highest level of quality and perfection one can attain. At KLO & CO, there are no shortcuts. The timepieces we produce are ones we love to wear ourselves.

We never compromise; we are proud of each and every one of our watches. See how our eye for quality and design translates to our final product: the dynamic polishing in the case, the details on the strap and bracelet, the color choices, the characteristics of the dial, the overall build quality, even down to the smallest details such as the signed crown and caseback. At KLO & CO, we hold our watches in high regard, and anything less than beautiful goes back to the drawing board. 

Quality is at the forefront of our manufacturing process. Every step of the way our watches are continuously inspected so that you can be assured of its durability and reliability for many years to come. That said, every KLO & CO watch comes with standard two year warranty guaranteeing our watches are free from any defect when new. Otherwise, we'll be happy to replace them. For more information on warranty, please visit our watch care page here

We never stop learning; we never stop improving our craft. This is why aside from learning the intricacies of watchmaking itself, we also learn from other watch brands that are setting the trail for boutique independent watchmakers like us. Stories are shared, advise and tips on how to improve the brand are given. We are thankful for friends of KLO & CO who not only inspire us to pursue our passion for horology, but also quite literally push us forward.

KLO & CO continues its watchmaking journey this 2019 with an all-new exciting collection of timepieces directed towards the more adventurous type. We certainly hope you will enjoy wearing our watches as much as we do.


Watch Movement

Precision & Tests

Our love of mechanical watchmaking is expressed not only through our detailed and exquisitely finished cases, but also with what is found within--high-quality and precise movements. Our experienced watchmakers only use state-of-the-art watch production techniques in assembling our cases and movements to ensure supreme timing functionality and durability. Moreover, continuous inspection and testing programs guarantee that each KLO & CO timepiece comes out of the workshop ready for a lifetime of use.

Every KLO & CO watch is subjected to a battery of rigorous quality tests prior to delivery. Impact tests are done to ensure that the watch can withstand daily wear and shock from bumps and nicks. Meanwhile, climate tests, humidity tests, and corrosion resistance tests are done to check water resistance and structural integrity. Lastly, a thorough material abrasion test is done to ensure the watch stays looking fresher for longer, even after years of use.