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Thank you for choosing KLO & CO

We are confident that your timepiece will exceed your expectations in quality and design. Although we created this timepiece with the highest standards of quality in mind, your KLO & CO should always be handled with care. By following the Watch Care recommendations below, you will be able to enjoy your watch for a longer period of time. Please consult your dealer for any concerns not written in this note.

-Avoid wearing the watch in an environment that is above 60°C or below - 10°C for prolonged periods of time.

-Avoid soaking the leather strap in water, or exposing it to strong light for prolonged periods of time.

-Avoid direct contact with all kinds of solvents, detergents, perfume, cosmetics, and other harmful chemicals.

-Avoid using the watch in seawater. If the watch is water resistant, you may do so provided that you wash the watch with fresh water afterwards.

-Water resistance of 3ATM means it does not resist showers and such similar activities. 10ATM means it can resist water for typical swimming and snorkelling.

-Excessive contact with water may cause damage to the watch. For a longer lifespan, avoid wearing the watch underwater unless you need to.

-Kindly properly dispose the batteries of the watch (for quartz models), these may contain hazardous substances that can damage the environment and present a risk to human health if not properly disposed of.

-Only permit authorized service centers to open the watch.

    Water Resistance

    1ATM - Can handle accidental splashes and rain. Do not use when showering.

    3ATM - Suitable for everyday use. Will withstand accidental splashes but not suitable for swimming.

    5ATM - Suitable for everyday use and swimming but NOT poolside diving, snorkelling or water sports.

    10ATMSuitable for everyday use and swimming and snorkeling but NOT suitable for high board diving or sub-aqua diving.

    20ATMSuitable for all high impact water sports and scuba diving at depths not requiring helium gas.

    30ATMSuitable for all high impact water sports, scuba diving and saturation diving.

    Remember that there are external temperature fluctuations and other influences such as dust, shock, impact, and sudden movements, that can fundamentally affect water-resistance. Also be reminded that engaging in strenuous physical activities or sports while wearing your watch may be potentially damaging to your watch. Furthermore, the moving parts of the watch should not be operated and/or opened underwater such as changing the date and/or time. Before wearing the watch underwater, you should ensure that all moving parts are in the locked position. Watches expose in saltwater or seawater must be rinsed afterwards.

    Service & Repair

    At KLO & CO, we value your watch even after sales. Our watchmakers will thoroughly inspect and care for your watch and will let you know if it needs some servicing and/or repairs. It is important to visit only the authorized KLO & CO service center to be able to check and inspect the watch to maintain their quality and precision.

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