Watch Customization


At KLO & CO, providing top-notch customer service is our number one priority. This customer-centric approach allows us to design a watch from the ground-up with the customer in mind, providing end-to-end customer satisfaction, from the moment of design, to the moment of sale, as well as after-sales.

Taking this a step further, KLO & CO also offers a watch customization service that caters to our exacting client's specific watch needs. Our services include the following:

- Engraving on Caseback

Custom Watches:
- Adding of Logos
- Changing of Colors
- Design and Creation of a Special Edition Watch

Customization of Packaging:
- Adding of Notes
- Adding of Logos
- Adding of Accessories (eg. tools, straps)

These are all done without sacrificing the signature quality and attention to detail that comes with each and every KLO & CO timepiece.

For more information on our Watch Customization service, please feel free to get in touch with us at, or by clicking this link.