KLO & CO Watches Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

Alpesailer 5th Year Anniversary


Undoubtedly, this year is not without its share of challenges. The global pandemic took its toll on both the lives and livelihood of billions of people around the world. The resulting economic slowdown we are now experiencing wreaked havoc on the global business sector, shutting down a significant amount of local businesses and putting a huge financial dent on big firms unable to cope with a reduced client base, and a shrinking purchasing power.

As we come to grips with the grim picture painted by this "new normal", it would seem that there is no cause for celebrating small victories we experience everyday. How can we celebrate anything when the world continues to reel from the effects of COVID 19 in our day to day lives?

As we remain sensitive to the plight of all those who are struggling during this time, we at KLO & CO encourage everyone to remain positive and hopeful everyday despite our shared situation. We encourage everyone to be reminded of all the small victories we experience everyday—may it be a simple online birthday celebration, an at-home graduation party, or simply just sharing a meal with your families after a long day of work at the frontlines, let us all be thankful for for the small victories we experience every single day.

2020 has been a challenge to all, us included, yet together we do our best to soldier on.

We celebrate our 5th year anniversary this month with a simple celebration to send a message to the challenges we currently face—we will never back down; we will put up a fight. To commemorate the 5th year anniversary of our humble manufacture, we are proud to introduce two new Alpesailer models with exciting new colorways that are sure to gain interest among our loyal fans and supporters.

First, is the new KLO & CO 5th Year Anniversary Special Edition which features a blue and black bi-directional inner bezel, and the introduction of KLO & CO's new Infinity Weave dial design. This handsome variation to this timepiece elevates the already sporty Alpesailer to a much more refined and contemporary aesthetic.

Meanwhile, for our fans looking for more wrist presence, the Alpesailer now also comes in Retro Neon guise. Featuring a funky combination of teal and soft red that harkens back to a popular vintage color scheme, this timepiece will surely gain a cult following for those looking for an attractively unique watch with exceptional finishing and build quality.

Both watches still come with KLO & CO's signature triple-finished 316L stainless steel case, integrated bracelet, and a Seiko developed NH35 automatic movement. All equipping the watch with a remarkable blend of avant-garde design, top-class durability, and high serviceability for many adventures to come.

To end this message, we would first like to give special mention to all medical and non-medical frontline workers who dedicate their lives to serving others. You all inspire us to rise above the challenges we face everyday, and to continue to fight despite our shared circumstances.

We know our work cannot compare to yours, and we cannot thank you enough for the sacrifices you do to keep us all safe. Cheers to all of you!

And finally, a big thank you to all the people who continue to support KLO & CO for the past years. To our clients and supporters, we face tomorrow encouraged knowing that you all have our backs.

Thank you and keep safe everyone,


For more information about KLO & CO Watches or the new Alpesailer, kindly visit our Press Kit through this link.

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