Who We Are - Alternative

KLO & CO is a Filipino watch brand that traces its roots to weekly Wednesday watch conversations of three friends over great food and even better coffee. After throwing ideas back and forth over our favorite watches and outstanding industrial design, we decided to create our own brand of unique watches that aims to share our passion for these little technological marvels to all those who appreciate beautiful and thoughtfully designed products.

We have carefully studied the art of creating perfect and precise watches and preparing each part to be specially created for each of our customers. Each dial is carefully designed to be able to attain the delicate quality that we believe each watch deserve to have.

Sketches turned into rendered drawings, rendered drawings turned into actual samples, and here we are today, creating watches that we believe not only we would wear and appreciate, but to each one of our customers as well. 

The Founding Team

Kenn, product imaginator, logistics chief, webmaster, coffee and tea connoisseur, and resident watch movement aficionado.

A watch enthusiast through and through, it has always been a dream of Kenn to be able to share his passion for the exceptional world of watches by creating his own. With an extensive entrepreneurship experience under his belt, he first dabbled with establishing cafés and other small businesses before finally following his heart and concentrating on watches. His current collection includes masterful watches from Switzerland and Japan.

Rap (@wewillrapyu), retail sales expert, fashion guru, social media content generator, durability torture tester, guitar virtuoso, shoe collector, and in-house Mandarin translator.

Ralph has had extensive experience in clothes manufacturing and design through his family business, offering their services to top apparel brands in the Philippines. Also the curator of Prominent, a lifestyle apparel brand, his areas of watch interest include vintage diving pieces from Japan, military watches from Germany, and Yachting watches from Switzerland.

Brychu (@supersmashbryan), relationship builder, consumer experience curator, copywriter, automobile enthusiast, beach bum, and hyper-OC quality controller. 

A disciple of Kaizen, Bryan earned his apprenticeship as a product planner at a leading Japanese automobile manufacturing company before moving on to apply his knowledge on his family business. While also dabbling with selling pre-owned watches on the side, his current eBay alerts include Carreras, Tanks, and Explorers.