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After officially unveiling our seven first-edition timepieces last August 8, a lot of people have been asking about the inspiration behind our two-dial design. We have to admit that coming up with our unique layout was a real challenge, not to mention a huge gamble, since two-dial designs on watches are quite rare and usually reserved for ultra-luxury timepieces from German and Swiss manufactures.

That said, we knew from the get-go that this was the format we wanted for KLO & Co. We wanted to stand out, be distinct. We wanted a watch that would be very pleasing to look at; something even we would be proud to wear ourselves.

The big idea behind KLO & Co watches is to be able to create a uniquely beautiful timepiece that showcases all the best aspects of fine watchmaking while maintaining exceptional value. We believe that the two-dial design is the perfect canvass for this idea. The left "Hyper-Axis" dial, which houses an automatic movement, is able to showcase the distinguishable sweeping motion associated with fine mechanical watchmaking. While the right dial, which houses a technologically advanced Swiss quartz module, is able to precisely and accurately display the time. The hybrid combination of the beauty of a mechanical sweeping movement and the precision of a quartz regulated module is one of the many charms of the KLO & Co Originals design.

Housing the two-dial, hybrid movement design is our expertly finished case featuring a host of brushing, polishing, and bevelling techniques akin to many other luxury watches of higher price points. Our domed sapphire crystal and curved end-links create a visually satisfying, continuously curved silhouette when viewed from the side. Our signed crown, engraved case back and steel buckle provide added tactile texture and flourish. Our presentation box and packaging, often an afterthought to run-of-the-mill watch brands, are all specially prepared and thoughtfully created to match the exquisiteness of the watches they hold. All these components represent the attention to detail KLO & Co imbues into every watch we create. As we always like to say, we take our craft seriously.

If you have any questions about KLO & Co or any of our watches, please do not hesitate to contact us here. Please like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram (@klocowatches) to keep yourself updated on the latest KLO & Co news and promos.

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