Klo & Co

It has been an exciting last few weeks for the KLO & Co team. Building a new brand is indeed tough, but we enjoy the challenge. 

We are happy that a number of prospective business partners and clients have been very receptive of our brand. Their praise and appreciation for our watches have been very encouraging. People from as far as New York City and Berlin have been noticing our watches and everything is happening so fast that I sometimes cannot contain my enthusiasm for the future of KLO & Co.

Talking with our prospective business partners have been very uplifting as well. Their own stories of success and achievement inspire us in our own endeavours. At the end of the day, this is what KLO & Co is about: celebrating achievement, reaching your fullest potential, and never settling. The brand communicates this through its thoughtfully designed, top-notch quality, and highest value wristwatches. 

Things to look forward to for the KLO & Co brand in the coming months include partnerships with the movers and shakers of various industries not limited to watches. I cannot wait to unveil these groundbreaking collaborations in due time but for now keep yourself updated by bookmarking our website, following us on Instagram (@klocowatches), liking us on Facebook (@klocowatches), or contacting us through


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