KLO & CO Alpesailer Gets International Attention

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Alpesailer Polar Edition photo from Monochrome Watches

As the year 2019 draws to a close, the recently launched KLO & CO Alpesailer gains the attention of prestigious publications around the globe.

We at KLO & CO are proud of this achievement. Here are just some of the articles that featured the all-new Alpesailer.

1. SJX Watches - Singapore / Asia Pacific

"Having made its debut two years ago with a dual-dial watch that combined an automatic and quartz movementKLO & CO is an unusual “microbrand”, having been started by a trio of young Filipino watch enthusiasts. The Manila-based brand has just unveiled the Alpesailer, a steel sports watch with an internal rotating bezel and an integrated bracelet."

2. Monochrome Watches - Europe

"The overall execution provides an upscale appearance and flows into the integrated bracelet to form a nice, cohesive piece. If you’re looking for a classic sports watch without skipping a mortgage payment or two, give the Alpesailer a closer look."

3. Watch Review Blog - North America

"For a first offering, the Alpesailer from KLO & CO shows that they’re dedicated to bringing some unique watches to market. Having looked into the specs and design of the timepiece, it could be promising start which may allow the Philippines to break into the watchmaking industry."

4. Esquire - Philippines / Asia Pacific

"When Kenn Ong, Ralph Yu, and Bryan Chua launched KLO & CO two years ago, they sought to bring something unique to the market. Using cutting-edge watchmaking techniques, KLO & CO offers a unique and innovative take on timepieces. Now, after its debut collection and nine pieces later, the Filipino company is introducing its first waterproof sports watch."

5. Watch Lounge - Germany / Europe

"There’s certainly no shortage of microbrands these days with small startups popping up around the globe. Quality and price vary widely, but every so often an intriguing, affordable piece debuts that’s worthy of a second look. KLO & CO is a young brand based in the Philippines, launching its second collection, a cool pair of automatic sports watches with dual crowns and internal rotating bezels. The concept itself is hardly rare, but the combination of style, finishing and price make these watches potential contenders against comparable other microbrands."

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