The secret is out. The feedback we have been receiving for our Mitsubishi Montero Sport Limited Edition Silverstone and Villamor watches are very satisfying indeed! All over the blogosphere people have been raving about our collaboration with one of the most attractively designed SUVs in the market today. 

Discreetly introduced early this year, the KLO & Co Silverstone and Villamor Mitsubishi Montero Sport Limited Edition is the fruit one of the major partnerships we have this year, and it is a testament to the trust and high regard people have for our watches. Gifted to Mitsubishi's most valuable clients who purchased special edition Montero Sport SUVs, these Silverstone and Villamor timepieces feature a custom leather strap which is tastefully labelled with the Montero Sport logo. It is easy to see how this collaboration makes a lot of sense, given both products commitment for excellent design and quality workmanship.

We wish our partners over at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation the best, and happy selling! Congratulations for introducing another award-winning SUV. 

Thank you very much Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation for partnering with us!

Mitsubishi x Klo & Co

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