The Creation of Originals

Klo & Co

Originals - the line that started it all for us; where imagination and playful design from a dream translated to layers of Photoshop sheets, and then finally to hand built distinguishable elegant timepieces. We are proud to say that we have come from a long way from our humble beginnings to create our Originals watches.

The first design we have created was out of sheer love for beautiful timepieces having an art aspect inside along with a precise time display. I started re-imagining dreaming to be an astronaut as a kid along with being able to see Earth from the stars. Even though I was little, I had so much hope that I can achieve a lot of great things as a kid, and of course to have a positive influence on others. With that big dream of being in a spaceship one day, I have created our Space Walker model. It immediately led me to imagine being able to see through the clear glass window of my spaceship, seeing the Earth rotating just as we created the rotating seconds interval of the  Space Walker watch. With stars by my side, pure darkness in my vision, with a scattering of stars letting me know I am not alone - inspired us also to create within the watch the view of space in the same way we look at it each night. The dream of being an astronaut will always be remembered joyfully and I hope I am able to pass this dream on to others - to be able to feel that the vast universe will always be present and in front of us, and that although we have all grown up, the dreams we had as a kid will still be with us today.

Creating the case finishing from the brushing and polishing was not an easy task. The aim was simple yet complicated to achieve - to create a mesmerizing angle any way you look at your watch. With multiple tests and benchmarking meetings, it took us more than a year to be able to finalize and create every perfect detail. From the little things like polished screws to the multiple finished bezels that open up for you to be able to see the excellently finished dial, we never stopped improving until we felt contented to be able to proudly share our passion product to everyone.

Here we are now, continuously pushing and expanding our Originals line. We vow to continue to uphold our quality standards and to be able to create and build each watch with high levels of finishing and exemplary beauty, as is with our original vision to bring you high quality luxury timepieces with exceptional long-term value. Thank you to all of you who have supported us along the way, and we hope that you would continue to support us for more years and models to come.


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