One-off Alpesailer Retro Neon Artwork by Ben Li

As part of our 5th Year Anniversary Celebration, KLO & CO worked with the very talented London-based graphic designer and illustrator Ben Li to create a one of a kind illustration of our popular Alpesailer Retro Neon watch. 


A graduate of the University of the Arts London, Ben started drawing watches for fun during the lockdown period which gradually grew into a healthy collection of supremely detailed works of art. 

We chose Ben Li not only for his exceptional talent and his shared enthusiasm for fine timepieces, but also because he shares the same spirit for showcasing our passions and sharing it with the rest of the world. 

It is during these challenging times that many people set aside and reject the arts as unessential and unimportant, but we believe that the only thing that we should set aside nowadays is our resigned attitude. Now more than ever, we must continue to fight for what we love, and to keep living and surviving despite the challenge of our shared circumstances. 

KLO & CO would like to thank everyone who supported us and continue to support us throughout all these months and years. We look forward to continue to share the love for exceptional watches with you for more years to come!

You can find all of Ben Li's published work on his website Get your Alpesailer today by visiting our shop at

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