New Alpesailer BRG - Inspired by the Golden Age of Endurance Racing

Alpesailer British Racing Green


We are very proud to announce the introduction of the latest iteration of the well-loved sports watch— the 2021 Alpesailer British Racing Green.

The BRG is our ode to the heart pumping action of vintage endurance racing of the '70s and early '80s. With a very rich green dial, the Alpesailer is given a subtle yet versatile look that wears well in all occasions.

True to its character of being the all-conquering watch for all seasons, the Alpesailer fits well with your life's everyday adventures wherever it takes you—from charging through country roads and mountain passes with the top down, to enjoying the night sky while camping out in the wilderness, to solving the latest challenges in your company's boardroom, or even just going out to town for a nice glass of aged whiskey or a bottle of wine.

"The Alpesailer BRG represents our growing maturity as a brand. It's a watch that subtly communicates confidence in oneself. No insecurities, only contentment. It's a watch that you'd wear while sitting back at your favorite outdoor café, enjoying a glass of wine while you relax after a long day of hard work."

- Ralph Yu, co-founder

Drawing inspiration from the vintage racing era is an obvious decision. KLO & CO has always been a fan of motor racing, and endurance racing represents so much human grit, determination, and innovation that the brand also stands for. 

"There's just so much to learn from endurance racing in the '70s and '80s. Of course there was the spirit of technological innovation which was just beginning to flourish at that time. The infusion of technology and plain old human grit... Being a racecar driver during that era was incredibly dangerous, yet still they charged on. It was absolutely mental. It was never only rational, it was also emotional—there was passion in what they were doing."

- Bryan Chua, co-founder

Meanwhile the same great elements of what the Alpesailer is loved for—the excellent finishing, the robust construction, and the venerable Japanese automatic movement is still present, making sure that the Alpesailer is always ready to be worn and share your experience wherever life's adventures takes you. 

It is hard to believe that from two variations of the Alpesailer line, this independent watch manufacture now has a total of five variants available for our customers various tastes and styles to enjoy. Just like in endurance racing, KLO & CO is determined to never stop bringing our customers excellent, unique, and innovative timepieces that would definitely win the hearts of our exacting customers for years and years to come.

"In spite of the many challenges we all faced over the past year, KLO & CO is here to stay. Drawing inspiration from our admiration of motor racing, we might be a independent outfit trying to make a dent against the big constructor teams, but no one can question our passion for the watch industry and our determination to be among the top brands in the world. That is our goal."

- Kenn Ong, co-founder 

For more information about the Alpesailer BRG, visit our website by clicking this link.


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